From Monday 19 February the Box Office at the Coliseum Theatre will have new opening times – we will be open to personal callers every Tuesday 11.00am – 2.00pm.

Our Box Office booking line will be open Tuesday – Friday 2.00pm – 5.00pm for customers who do not have internet access or who would prefer to chat to one of our friendly Box Office Team.

Where possible, please use for all bookings.



Box Office 03000 040 444


Total Pop Party

Total Pop Party

  • Tuesday 29 October 2024 Tue 29 Oct 2024 29 Oct 24 2:30pm
  • Tickets - £15.00
  • Family Ticket - £50.00
Lost in Music: One Night at the Disco

Lost in Music: One Night at the Disco

  • Friday 1 November 2024 Fri 1 Nov 2024 1 Nov 24 7:30pm
  • Tickets - £29.50
Seriously Collins : Phil Collins & Genesis Tribute

Seriously Collins : Phil Collins & Genesis Tribute

  • Sunday 3 November 2024 Sun 3 Nov 2024 3 Nov 24 7:30pm
  • Tickets - £25.00


  • Wednesday 6 November 2024 Wed 6 Nov 2024 6 Nov 24 7:30pm
  • Tickets - £32.00
Aladdin : Christmas 2024

Aladdin : Christmas 2024

  • Friday 29 November 2024 Fri 29 Nov 2024 29 Nov 24 7:00pm
  • Saturday 30 November 2024 Sat 30 Nov 2024 30 Nov 24 2:00pm
  • Sunday 1 December 2024 Sun 1 Dec 2024 1 Dec 24 2:00pm
  • Saturday 7 December 2024 Sat 7 Dec 2024 7 Dec 24 2:00pm AD R 6:00pm
  • Sunday 8 December 2024 Sun 8 Dec 2024 8 Dec 24 2:00pm
  • Tickets - £18.00
  • Concessions - - £15.00
  • Family Ticket - £55.00
  • Groups of 20+ (not available online) - £11.00
The Makings Of A Murderer 2- The Real Manhunter
Spoken Word

The Makings Of A Murderer 2- The Real Manhunter

A Crime Thriller Night at the Theatre!
  • Tuesday 11 February 2025 Tue 11 Feb 2025 11 Feb 25 7:30pm
  • Tickets - £28.00
i Theatrau RhCT
to RCT Theatres

AD Audio Described Performance

Audio description is a live commentary interspersed with the actors' dialogue. This is relayed via a headset linked to the infra-red audio system. There is a short 'programme notes' session, before the production, which explains the atmosphere, costumes, characters and action.

BSL British Sign Language Performance

Signed performances are ideal for those who use sign language. Trained British Signed Language (BSL) signers usually stand to one side of the stage and interpret the script used by the performers at the same time as it is being performed.

R Relaxed Screening/Performance

Open to everyone, but particularly appropriate for anyone who may find the usual theatre/cinema environment challenging, due to an Autism Spectrum Condition, a learning disability, or a fear of the dark, loud noises or confined spaces.

Relaxed Performances/Screenings provide a relaxed environment, where elements are adapted to reduce anxiety or stress. Lighting and sound levels are adjusted to soften their impact and there is a relaxed attitude to noise and leaving and re-entering the auditorium during the performance/screening.

Designated 'chill-out' areas are provided outside the auditorium with activities for people to use if being in the auditorium becomes overwhelming for them.

T Touch Tour

A Touch Tour is ideal for blind and partially-sighted audiences to familiarise themselves with the set ahead of the performance.

C Captioned Screening/Performance

Captions display dialogue on-screen (similar to subtitles) and also describe the audio or sound portion of a film/performance allowing audience members who are D/deaf or hard of hearing to follow the script and the action of the film/performance at the same time.

For live performances, the screen is positioned at the side of the stage.